by Meanings

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released December 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Meanings Riverview, Michigan

when you're up at 4 AM and you walk upstairs with no lights on and you step in a puddle of water your dog left when he drank out of his bowl and the fur around his mouth was dripping. now thats all over 1 of your socks and you have to change socks because you cant not match your socks..................................................................................thats what this is about ... more

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Track Name: intro (anhedonia)
im a goodbye
i'm a shiver and die
who used to sit in my backseat again?
anhedonia, keep on the grind
tip-toe into my mind

so, never again, will i think about anyone
Track Name: caller id
i'm breathing in dust and metal shavings
i'm inhaling sheets of steel forever in my head
i'm casting a set of employees to be my little carnival

if the stars aren't beating in time
i'll make time for my health
if the world wont have it my way
that's ok
Track Name: bad habits
switch up your cup now
and fill it up with bad habits
are you listening?

ive got a bad feeling
about this january
Track Name: lies and goodbyes
you were drowning in a bathtub when they found you
you were almost gone
calling all persons within range
i hope that you're still there

a year passes and florida sounds a 2nd siren:
they couldn't save you
what kind of heart wouldn't be shaken enough to leave?
is this an apology?

Tommer, could you hear her calling?
Tommer, could you feel your comatose?
Track Name: clairvoyance
i wanna know if you'll go straight back to old habits
what did i do to deserve you?
i did nothing right at all
what could i do to impress you?
am i your boomerang or model train?
round and round you watch the wheels
compliment head over heels i chug with cancelled solitude

i'm waiting for a call
never felt to insecure
i'm talking to a light
that doesn't hear my voice
ok my hands stood steel
now you have to give it up
stop wasting your advice
for an ounce of my disguise
Track Name: lame song #225
im borrowing your subtlety to make amends for you and me
i'm stealing your old tv, i dont know why dont ask me why