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released January 14, 2016

by billy pompey



all rights reserved


Meanings Riverview, Michigan

when you're up at 4 AM and you walk upstairs with no lights on and you step in a puddle of water your dog left when he drank out of his bowl and the fur around his mouth was dripping. now thats all over 1 of your socks and you have to change socks because you cant not match your socks..................................................................................thats what this is about ... more

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Track Name: Artificial Joy
I caught you in your lie but nobody can vouch for me
I'm losing my mind and nobody can see
I guess I'll stop feeling sorry for you...but I can't make that call
you're the queen of artificial joy and letting good friends die
Track Name: Underneath
I've got bruises on my ankles
from tying my boots too tight
I'm the saddest of the sad over the most nothing of all nothingness
if you needed space, why didn't you say so?
I could've left you alone instead of jumping toe to toe
thinking of what to say next

underneath your call me everyday
lays a poison lie
how could you talk to her that way?
how does she get by
Track Name: Stranger Footing
stomping on ball gowns and wedding dresses
simulating heartbreak in my sleep so I don't have to deal with it in the real world
if i wanted you to be here, then i'd ask you
if you looked inside my subtlety
you'd find a stranger footing
but if you keep looking a granduous world of misfortune arises

(sidenote: apparently granduous isn't a word? i seem to have a habit of using made up words... oops)