Great Songs For The Whole Family

by Meanings

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i made this in 2 days


released January 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Meanings Riverview, Michigan

when you're up at 4 AM and you walk upstairs with no lights on and you step in a puddle of water your dog left when he drank out of his bowl and the fur around his mouth was dripping. now thats all over 1 of your socks and you have to change socks because you cant not match your socks..................................................................................thats what this is about ... more

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Track Name: Mailman
hey there mailman bring me some mail
whats in the package, a cup or a grail?
last night i ordered a new VCR
looks like this package is just for my mom

hey mr. sandman hand me some sand
throw it in my eyes or throw it at my hands
i ran out of snacks 4 hours ago
let me munch on these little yellow rocks
Track Name: Boarding A Plane
boarding this airplane
never felt so fun
without all of my sun block on

feeling slimy
feeling cool
whats the point if
you dont break the rules
Track Name: Basketball Loser
feeling kinda bad
missed the last free throw
keep it to yourself
i dont wanna know

feeling kinda bad
on the car ride home
tell me that you're proud
i ruined the show

feeling kinda bad
missed the last free throw
keep it to yourself
i dont wanna know

next chance that i get
i will make it up
steal me from my mind
steal me from my mind
Track Name: Bumble Bee
hello bumble bee wont you be my new friend ill take you home and you can hang with my dog comet he's a golden retriever but he wont eat you cause he can't get up
Track Name: fun. so SILLY
feelin kinda silly
feelin kinda silly
feelin like my name is billy

feelin kinda silly
feelin kinda funny
Track Name: Poptarts
hey im back hey its me
i'm eating honey nut cheerios again
hey whats up hey its me

hey i think i like you a lot but i'm not sure if you like poptarts
cause i'm gonna eat poptarts until the day i crawl into my grave

am i strong enough to pick up this dumbell?
what a stupid name for a stupid thing
it doesn't sound the way i want it to
sounds like ding dong ding DONG
Track Name: A Smooth Tune
i wanna take a hat and put it on my head
i wanna make a fort between my floor and bed
i'll under the frame that holds up all of my dreams

no one will ever find me
hiding underneath

i cant believe i left my coat in my backseat.
its cold and now i want to use my hand to reach.
my arm is frozen solid
Track Name: 4 Summers Ago
i found a picture in the room that i'm sleeping in
we were all outside your home
the sun was beating down on our tiny frames
in the summer we weren't all alone

rico's basement never felt so comforting
when they tore down all the walls for good
Track Name: Who's Gonna Pay? Who's Gonna Pay?
wait, dont make food.
lets go out
taco bell sounds ok

i'll take my cards with me
we'll play euchre and see who pays for lunch this time
the bill will not be mine

oh looks like we lost
oh i forgot to floss
Track Name: Sharkman
sharkman is here and hes gonna beat you up and stuff
and he's gonna eat your hands off. 'cause he doesnt have any hands
Track Name: Staying up late
in the middle of a lamp there's a light bulb, bright
it shines all day and night
now that i can't sleep
and my bodys hating me
maybe i'll write a song about breakfast food

never have i ever liked any eggs at all.
they really gross me out
i ate them just once at the end of bandcamp week
i almost puked all over my cool tuba