Great Songs For The Whole Family II

by Meanings

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more songs for you and the family


released February 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Meanings Riverview, Michigan

when you're up at 4 AM and you walk upstairs with no lights on and you step in a puddle of water your dog left when he drank out of his bowl and the fur around his mouth was dripping. now thats all over 1 of your socks and you have to change socks because you cant not match your socks..................................................................................thats what this is about ... more

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Track Name: Hey Hey
until i can find my socks
i will turn into a flock of geese so i can fly away
yay i say, i say hey hey

ooooeeeoooo she said to me tomorrow
WAYYY OHHAYYYYY she said to me today
ooooeeeoooo i'd never let you borrow
WAYYY ohwayyy i say hey hey

check check check is this thing on?
lets all go to jimbo jimbo john's to make sure that we're arriving right on time
rhyme you say? i say hime hime
Track Name: Ring The Bell
you can't just come into my house like that
you should ring the bell. or at least knock the door
why can't you understand this simple thing?
you should ring the bell, or text my phone

now that you're here lets play a game i made
it is called "the blur" its very good and nice
you'll start by saying hey ho hi hee ho
i'll say binku bo. and then we'll start again

hey ho hi hee ho
binku bo
Track Name: My Magazine
you can if you try, if you buy a subscription to my magazine filled with carpets and colorful rags
i won't tell a soul that you picked the ugliest color.
take your rug and run.
just have fun
i'll see you later

henry told me to tell you what i said when he told me what you said about eating bread
i said wow thats good thats good that is good tha-- bread is good i like bread bread is good
Track Name: Stuck In The Ground
everyday. its hard to play play play
i guess the shoes i put right on my feet shouldn't be glued to the ground

i'll take my medicine without any water
and i swallow my pride, the pill will slide
hopefully i feel better soon
Track Name: Cans
what's this inside my pocket?
a note i wrote to myself in the future?
nevermind its just a receipt from mcdonalds

what distance must i climb to get away from the scary scary real world?
i don't care as long as i've got all my hats on

my hands hold 14 cans. and those cans are being held by my hands
one can at a time i'll put them where they belong
Track Name: Sure Hamsters
i'm certain i'm positively sure hamsters are so so mean
my hamster "pamster" bit me and ran away
no more pets
nuh uh no wayyy YEAH
Track Name: Slimy Dimes
when its time let me know
should i stay or should i float alone
in this sea of slimy dimes
i've been waiting all this time

maverick man
would you please take a stand
and i'll rip your silly band off your wrist.........i'm gonna ...i'm gonna rip it right off.... its gonna be torn
Track Name: Choo Choo
i'm not smart i just know a lot of words and i can't really say all of these words good
chugga chugga choo choo here comes the train!
hop on on and i'll get real sick

i wanna be someone that's really cool
i always get tired of trying too
make way for me i'm comin' right on thru
chugga chugga chugga chugga choo choo

some c-boy: "hey there partner not so fast! don't you wanna stop and buy an ice cold drink????"
me: "no sir. i can't i need to catch the train. if i drink that drink i'll probably cry"
Track Name: Scotty Catamus
step up and jump
on a railroad bump
in the back of the bus
scotty catamus
rip down your shelf
all the way to hell
don't look at me like that

come sail with me
on a cool pontoon
under winter sun
in the middle of june
scotty says no
and i'm like "oh no"
who's gonna sail with me

iced out and i'm ready freddy lets get ready lets get ready to go
i'm packing all the caprisuns and sandwiches that i know
no rush though, make sure that you have the that you bring the things that you need
i can't wait to put the pedal to the metal on my metallic steed
Track Name: Wee Woh
playstation reminds me of eating fritos with my dad i tried salsa but no like-a then i ate another frito
frito frito frito frito
cheeto cheeto cheeto cheeto
i ate so much food as a kid now i hate to eat anything

your whole family likes these songs
am i right or am i wrong?
but i know that i am right so please give me all your attention
pipo pipo pipo pipo beebo beebo beebo beebo
hama haima hama gama rama dada llama shama
Track Name: My Song
i don't have the strength to do the things i want to do
i just have this big bag of popcorn

yeah i've been prancing in the dark
all around my house
nobody's around
nobody can laugh at me or half-ass me or graph staffs on matt's baseball bat for me

yeah i've been saving all my notes
lovers in middle school
back when there were no rules
back when i wore my jewelry
those fools were mean
they laughed at me
they mapped artificial jabs and slapped at me